Sunday, April 20, 2008

Potty Training...

OK, so I haven't taken pictures of our potty training adventures (although I should...some of them would be quite humorous) but I couldn't resist telling my favorite story so far. So here it goes...(sorry to those of you who have heard this a hundred times). I was in the office on the computer when Olivia ran past me saying, "I need to go potty, I need to go potty." Then she came out of the bathroom with a defeated look on her face and said, "I tried." I went into the bathroom and found a puddle right next to the toilet. I sent her to her bedroom to get some new panties on while I cleaned up the mess, and when I got to her room, she was just standing there without any underwear on clearly upset. I asked her why she didn't have clean panties on. She sighed, then she said, "I can't". When I asked why, her head lowered, her shoulders drooped, she sighed even louder and said, "I can't do this". I nearly lost it but kept my composure and asked her what she meant. She said, "I don't want to go potty in the big toilet." I said, "Is it hard being a big girl?" She said yes, and I gave her a little pep talk so she finally put some panties on. It was so hysterical! The look on her face will forever be in my memory. I just wish we could print pictures from our minds so you could all see what I saw that day. She is so funny! I laugh every day...

Daddy - Daughter Time!

Olivia and Daddy had a picnic outside last Sunday while Mom took a nap. But I had to capture this moment before I decided to lay down because it was such a great picture! Olivia loves getting attention from her dad. She gets so excited when he comes home and whenever we pull in the driveway she asks, "Is Daddy home?" So cute!

This is a common site in our house! Olivia snuggled up to her dad reading books. She always has to take a turn reading it to you after you read it to her. She loves books and we are so glad. She's a smart little cookie.

Ride On!

My nephews stayed at my house one night while they were out of school. The only toys we have at the house are Olivia's, so they had to make do with what we have! Ryan especially took advantage of her Barbie bike and Princess helmet! I love it!

Playing Dress Up

Olivia LOVES playing dress-up and loves playing in her kitchen. This day she cracked me up because she had just about everything in her dress-up box on except her Cinderella dress. She's so fun to watch! Her imagination is unbelievable. Sometimes it's a little embarrassing to listen to her because I hear words coming from her that I know she learned from me. It's especially embarrassing when she yells at her dolls!