Tuesday, November 11, 2008


SOOOO.....my camera is broken. I couldn't even take pictures on Halloween. My sister took a bunch, but I don't have them yet. So this is going to have to be a picture-less post!

We have been busy! Two weeks ago I started babysitting a friend's kids 2 days a week. She brings them at 6am! Now, most of you know that I am definitely NOT a morning person, but luckily I LOVE babies, so it makes up for it. I also babysit my neighbor's kids once a week. Then last Monday I took Olivia in to the doctor because she had a wierd pimply rash on her face that kept spreading. The doc said it was infantigo..which is a bacterial rash caused by strep or staph. So he put her on antibiotics which was a good thing, because that night I was in Urgent Care with a high fever and sore throat...STREP!!! So since Olivia was already on antibiotics, she never caught it. I was miserable for a few days, but thanks to the priesthood, modern medicine and the best Grandma in the world (my mom took Olivia for 2 nights), I got better quick! (So to speak...I still slept all weekend trying to fully recover!)

So besides being sick, babysitting, Olivia's dance class and play dates, I also help my sister with her Youth Indoor Football League! I help answer emails and phone calls, help with fundraisers, and lately we've been running around to all the schools in the area passing out flyers! Basically I do whatever she tells me to do. It's been a busy week and I finally have a few minutes to relax. I like keeping busy, but I also like my down time! I promise I'll try to get more pictures posted soon!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unexpected Visitors...

So, I'm totally in love with facebook...it has put me back in touch with so many people I have lost over the years! One of them is my best bud from high school, Scott. We've been emailing back and forth a bit since I found him again, and then last Friday I got a phone call from him. He says to me, "Oh by the way, we're in Salt Lake City this weekend!" I about passed out. We went to high school in a suburb of Chicago and the last place I expected him to visit was SLC!!! I was so excited. So Scott and his friend, Matt stopped by for lunch last Saturday! It was just like old times and felt like hardly any time had passed. What a great surprise! Hopefully it won't be as long in between visits next time, and hopefully we won't lose track of each other again!

Homemade Christmas Presents

Well....I don't usually brag about myself, but these turned out so cute I just had to share! I made Olivia a nightgown for Christmas last year and decided to do it again this year. I had tons of extra fabric, so I thought it would be fun to make a matching one for her favorite doll! It was a bit tricky, but I'm so proud of myself for working it out! I hope she loves it. I'm sure the little one will end up on "Lely", though...