Sunday, March 8, 2009


Just thought I'd post a quick note to let you all know that Olivia is doing great after getting her tonsils out! She is still not eating very well, but she doesn't complain about a sore throat much anymore. She has been extremely clingy and whiny which the hospital said to expect. She will hardly talk to anyone except me and Grandma, she won't play with friends, and she doesn't want to go anywhere (except to Grandma's), which is not like her. I'm hoping it will all return to normal once she's feeling 100%. She had a couple of really good nights of sleep, and then she caught a cold or has allergies or something! (Which is why we are up at 5 am!) And I got pretty sick, too. So aside from going through kleenex at an alarming rate, she is doing really well! She doesn't go back to the doctor for a check-up for another week or so, but after Tuesday, she will pretty much be out of the woods and can resume her normal activities. She can't wait to go back to dance class! I also wanted to thank everyone for your gifts of flowers, popsicles, yogurt, movies, etc...and especially for all of your well wishes! I know Olivia has loved it, and it has helped her mom get through this as well! We have amazing friends and family!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hospital Pics:

Before surgery! She had no idea what was coming. Of course, Grandma had to come with us! And boy am I glad she did!

The hospital staff was so great! She missed a little class they have for kids going into surgery, so they rounded up someone to give her her own class! They have the kids draw a face on a doll they get to keep, then they have real hospital equipment they can touch and use on their doll and they explain what's going to happen and what each thing is used for. It was so cool!

They even made a hospital bracelet for "Lely" and let her take her into surgery with her!

All drugged up and ready for the operating room! It's great how they transport kids in wagons instead of beds or wheelchairs. They even have tiles on the ceiling painted and the Anesthesiologist pointed out pictures in the hall on the way. By the time we got to the doors of the O/R she was so out of it, she didn't know what was going on! I was glad for that.

Waiting for her to come out of surgery...even Grandma was playing the DS!!! I had to get a picture of that!

More Hospital Pics:

One of the few times she actually slept!

In the "cartoon" (recovery) room. She's watching Dora on a screen above her bed.
It was so nice to have the distraction!

With Mom and Dad in recovery. Her lips are purple because she had
just eaten a red and then a purple popsicle!

I'm so glad we went to Primary Children's Hospital! They have all kinds of toys and movies for the kids, and really cater to them. They were so good to her and made the whole thing as pleasant as possible.

She had the oxygen monitor hooked to one foot, and the IV in the other.
I guess it was better than having them in her hands!

Our latest "Adventure"

SOOO...Olivia has always had problems with her throat. She gagged and threw up all the time when she was tiny, then she started getting infections in her throat like once a month. Well, it wasn't strep, and she didn't have problems breathing at night, so the doctor decided not to take her tonsils out last year. Plus she was still only 2. So about 2 months ago, she started snoring pretty bad, so I looked in her throat and HELLO, there were her HUGE tonsils! I immediately made an appointment with the ENT and in the meantime, listened to a three year old suffer every night, struggling to breath. It was so bad that a couple of times I slept with her and had to shake her because she stopped breathing. Now it was obvious that her tonsils needed to come out, so last week we did it! She ended up spending the night in the hospital because they couldn't get her oxygen level up and didn't want to send her home with pain meds, which make it worse, until they knew how she would do overnight. I'm glad they kept her because when we told her she had to stay, she got so upset that she stopped breathing, turned purple, and passed out in my arms! I have never been so scared in my life! I spent the night with her, and she came home the very next morning with an oxygen tank! Her doctor thinks she may still have sleep apnea even without her tonsils! But we will get her healed from surgery, and cross that bridge when we come to it! She is doing very well, but I am very bored! She's not supposed to do anything strenuous, or be around sick kids or crowds for 2 weeks! She doesn't even want to play with her friends. So aside from a few breaks thanks to Grandmas, we have been together 24/7 for the last week. I'm ready for a night out!!!! But I am already amazed at the difference it has made for her at night! I always sleep with a baby monitor on, and the first couple of nights I had to check on her a few times because I couldn't hear anything! It's so cool and I hope once she is healed that she will sleep through the night again.


Olivia is the youngest cousin by a few years on both sides of the family. On her mom's side, almost all of her cousins even CLOSE to her age are boys! She absolutely loves them, and they adore her! Three of them stay at my house a lot when their mom works and they are almost like brothers to her. They will kill me for telling you this, but they even play house with her, just to make her happy! They also come up with some pretty wild things to do to entertain her. Mind you, they are now 13, 11 and 9 years old!!! Two of her older cousins came home for Christmas from their Army Base. We hadn't seen them for a long time, but Olivia remembered them and was so excited to see both of them! We miss them...


We were trying to take pictures of Olivia but she HAD to have Grandma in there with her. It's a pretty cute picture! Olivia is so close to both of her Grandmas! She loves spending time with them and they love to play with her. I couldn't find any pictures of her with her other Grandma. I think she's avoiding the camera! Plus we don't have a camera, so all of these are from someone else's camera.

Olivia BEGGED for a train for Christmas! So of course, Grandma got her one!!! a Grandma!

Long overdue updates...

I've been getting into a lot of trouble lately for not updating my blog. I blame facebook. I've spent so much time looking for old friends that I've neglected my blog! Well, it seems I have nothing but time these days, so I've decided to work on my blog again. Here some pictures of Christmas, only a couple of months late!!!

Her dad refinished this PINK desk for her! I found it for $5 at D.I. and Gary spent hours sanding all the rust off, then painted it pink (Olivia's favorite color) with glitter paint over the top! It's awesome!!!! And she loves it....

Here's Olivia in her homemade jammies and matching ones for her "Lely"

Tearing through gifts at turtle speed! She had to play with everything as she opened it. Good thing she's an only child!