Saturday, December 27, 2008

More recital pictures...

Here are all the little ballerinas waiting for their turn on stage!

I love their little dresses!!!!

"I love you, Santa Claus!"

The Christmas Tree Dance!
This has been such a good thing for Olivia. I hope she continues to enjoy it like she already has...

Happy Holidays and more...

Well, I still don't have a camera and I'm waiting for people to send me pictures, but I thought I was WAY overdue for a blog update! This last month or two has been extremely busy and exciting! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of my brothers and sisters except one (we missed you, Sha!) It was so nice to have my parents with us again for the holidays! On my birthday Gary took me to an amazing restaurant owned by one of his bosses. They give everyone who works there a free meal and we have never gone, so Gary made reservations for my birthday. It was unbelievable! I think I'll have to save my money and go there once a year on my birthday! December was busy with getting ready for the holidays. I did a lot of sewing this year: nightgowns, baby doll blankets, pillows and diapers for Olivia's was fun but very time consuming! Olivia had her first dance recital on Dec. 4th, and I have to say, it was a blast! She was so good! I've been bugging Gary to get the video of it on our blog, but I think he forgot. I guess I'll have to get on his case again. But here are some pictures my friend took:

This is the dress rehearsal

Olivia is in the same class as two of her friends in our neighborhood. This is Chloe, Paige, and Olivia. They all have so much fun!

They did dances to the soundtrack from "The Grinch" this was the finale with all the dancers.